Hair Care Line

Ginseng, Eleuterococus and Hibiscus - Hair revitalizer & strengthener 人參活化洗髮乳

Camomile, Birch and Hibiscus - Blonde and delicate hair 甘菊潤澤洗髮乳

Hop, Thyme and Hibiscus - Dandruff control 啤酒花去头皮屑洗髮乳

Nettle, Witch-Hazel and Hibiscus - Greasy hair 蕁麻油性洗髮乳

Aloe Vera, Mallow and Hibiscus - Dry hair, moisturising formula 蘆薈滋潤洗髮乳

Baby shampoo Peach - For babies and delicate hair 蜜桃嬰兒洗髮乳

Black hair - Revive the hair colour 黑色光澤洗髮乳

Chestnut hair - Revive the hair colour 栗子色光澤洗髮乳

Blonde hair - Revive the hair colour 天然光澤洗髮乳

Henna - Strengthener hair 指甲花護髮焗油

Ginseng - Revitalising 人參護髮焗油

Germinated Wheat and Soyben seeds enhanced with Ginseng and Aloe Vera extracts 人參防脫洗髮乳

Ginseng and Hops - Favour the repair and renewal of the hair 人參掉髮治療液

Wheat Germ, Birch and Cinchona - Toning and reinforcing 髮質調節素

Aloe Vera - Restores lost vitality & moisturises 滋潤平衡護髮膜